Sano Kukri (Batch 33 ETS June 23)

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Sano Kukri (Batch 33 ETS June 23)

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Product Information
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Pre-order33June-July 2023


We have been asked several times for a Kukri that’s smaller than the BSI and the Sano Kukri is it! It's no secret that I don’t like the current BSI issued to the Gurkhas, and so we looked for something else. I was able to get a superb Darjeeling Kukri that fitted the bill.

Tora's Sano (Sano: small) Kukri has a 27cm long hollow forged blade, with a wooden stick tang handle and the classic Darjeeling Sunburst retaining nut. The weight range for the Sano Kukri is 375-425g. It is housed in a military-style scabbard, and frogs and comes with the Chakmak and Karda knives.

Please note the Sano kukri whilst smaller than Tora's BSI Kukri (which is based on a 1970's BSI), is still 0.5cm longer than the BSI blade currently issued to the Gurkha's.

Click here for video description.

Tora kukri are traditional handmade kukri, made in Nepal, and not the usual export and tourist kukri found on many other websites. Tora strives to make kukri to the traditional specifications as per the original models.

For an easy way to sharpen your kukri please watch this video.

We strongly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate oil and wood treatment prior to use.

Please note that because all of our kukri are hand-made, variances in size, weight, wood colour, chakmak & karda style etc may well occur. You must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword.

Please note that the kukri are now sent directly from Nepal.

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Product CodeTK-San
ManufacturerTora Blades
Stock Level2

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Amazing and convenient Khukuri, a hunters best friend

I bought my Sano Khukuri knife as a present to my father in law. It is the only Tora Khukuri knife that I have parted from. But I have 19 more including the BSI which is relatively close in size. Anyway this review is on behalf of my father in law who is a retired officer in the Swedish Air Force. One of his passions along military aircrafts is wildlife and hunting. So I figured he could get good use out of the Sano Khukuri in forrests when hunting and doing camp tasks. This Khukuri is very convenient to bring with as it is relatively small in size and is not as loud carrying around. Anyway.. he told my wife that he was very pleased with it, even excited. Last time he hunted with his hunting team and they where to process the game, he brought out the Sano Khukuri and volunteered to chop it up, remove the head and chop off the hooves for skinning. The immediate reaction from the members of the hunting team was.. whow.. damn that was a big knife.. none of the members had probably seen a real Khukuri before. When my father in law said he could chop up the game with the Sano, the reaction was.. No way.. use the saw or axe instead.. He then went forward to the deer ski and chopped of the head, clean off in one stroke.. His hunter friend's fell silent in amazement at what the relatively small knife just accomplished. He then continued to showcase the strength of the Sano Khukuri on a Wildboar, which is significantly heavier buit than a deer ski for sure. Same initial reaction from the hunting team " it will never make it through etc. Well said and done my father in law chopped of the head of a Wildboar in one stroke. You can just imagine the amazement on the spot out in the woods. Ok, this review became more of a hunting story than a proper review. I can say that despite being an excellent tool for cutting and chopping it is one of the absolutely best value for money one can get. The build quality and the attention to details on this Khukuri is second to none as with all other Tora Khukuris. It is probably the most convenient Khukuri one can have and carry around, it is not too big and the power of Khukuri is there too. Will I buy another Sano Khukuri for my self? Answer is yes.. I will buy one for my own collection (I own 19 Tora Khukuris and like them all). I will buy more than one for myself, as the demand for Sano Khukuri's in the woodlands of Småland suddenly have peaked. Kind regards, Linus Linus Lindström (Nov 01 2022, 21:31 PM)
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