Indian Mutiny Officers Dui Chirra (Batch 35 - ETS March 2024)

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Indian Mutiny Officers Dui Chirra (Batch 35 - ETS March 2024)

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4.7 average, based on 3 reviews


Product Information
Tora's Dui Chirra is based on an officer's kukri from the Indian Mutiny in 1857-1858. It comes with a double fullered (Dui Chirra) blade which has a 33.5cm long blade with decoration by the spine. It also has an outstanding kaudi design. The belly depth of the blade is 5.5cm and a partial tang horn handle.

It comes with 8.5cm chakmak & karda utility knives. The rough weight guidance for this kukri is 525g-600g and the scabbard is supplied with a tinder pouch and frogs. Please note that the chakmak and karda are now of the same style as the military kukri, and the tinder pouch no longer comes with the insert

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Tora kukri are traditional handmade kukri, made in Nepal, and not the usual export and tourist kukri found on many other websites. Tora strives to make kukri to the traditional specifications as per the original models.

For an easy way to sharpen your kukri please watch this video.

We strongly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate oil and wood treatment prior to use.

Please note that because all of our kukri are hand-made, variances in size, weight, wood colour, chakmak & karda style etc may well occur. You must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword.

Please note that the kukri are now sent directly from Nepal.

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Product CodeKTM-DC2j
ManufacturerTora Blades
Stock Level3

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7

Indian Mutiny Officers Dui Chirra

This Khukri is a piece of art! It is exceptionally well crafted, all parts of the Khukri and no exceptions. The horn handle is both beautiful to look at, but equally comfortable to hold and manouver. I think this Khukri is perfect for martial arts, for any skilled practioner, which I'm not. The edge on this blade comes razor sharp and on par with my japanese chef knives. I litterally shaved off all hair on my left forearm in three strokes with this very beautiful but equally lethal Khukri. The partial tang construction makes the Khukri even more dangerous in the hands of a skilled practioner, for an opponent a blow with this Khukri would be devestating. Don't get me wrong all Khukris are very dangerous and they are all constructed to chop off objects or cut very deep. But this Khukri is nasty when you get it in motion, the power of mass is centered towards the end of the blade which makes it extremly fast and agile to manouver in the hand and the wrist. When the blade fall down towards the target it comes down with the power of a hammer or sledge and with the chopping capacity of a gilloutine. I tested to fill three 1.5 litres of Coca Cola bottles with water, I cut all three in half in one strike on my first try. After that test I wiped the blade dry applied mineral oil on the blade an the handle and hanged it up on the wall in my home office, well out of reach for my kids. Khukris are multipurpose tools but this one I'm certain was made as a beautiful but lethal side arm of an officer. One hit with this blade, even with moderate force applied would be devestating to an opponent. The Khukri is very well constructed and I'm certain it wouldn't be any problem to use it for light or even medium camping or garden work, like cutting down branches etc. But to be honest I think it is way, way too beautiful for that type of work, this is a piece of art. There are better Khukri models to be used as multi purpose tools. This Khukri I consider to be a very beautiful, well made attack weapon and veritable man opener, made to kill with least amount of force needed. Out on the battle fields during the Indian mutiny war and in a hand to hand combat situation this Khukri must have been a widow maker of it's time. I highly recommend this Khukri, I'm actually considering to buy a second one to hang on the wall next to this one. Linus Lindström (28 Feb 2022, 20:53)

A beutaiful Knife

The Kukri is very beautiful, a nice hornhandle and good blade. Whilst the Handle has a very sharp edge at the back, wich i sanded down a little for comfort, it has a nice handle. The blade has ever so slightliy warps, only slightly visible and has excellent edge retention and comes razor sharp, you can literally shave yourself when it arrives. The scabbard of mine is quite loose fitting, but when the knife is locked in a forward position, it wont come out when running, so its clinging to the knife enough for me, i will probably fit a leather wedge. The leather of the scabbard is very dry, and quite different from the leather im used to with scabbardds or frogs. It feels rougher and thinner and not aselastic, but is still okay. Its extremely stiff but not elastic like western leather products, maybe thats because of the high humidity air in Nepal? I had to resew the holders for the chakmak and karda, because i pushed too hard and cut the twine. The leather ripped easily, and only after heavy treatment did it star to become more plyable. Also, my scabbard has a little rip in the leather on the backside, thats only slightly visible.Corvin Mehring (22 Dec 2020, 19:17)

The Tora Dui chira kukri

Craftsmanship at its finest the carvings the Fullers everything about this knife is number one love the horn handle total wrap great balance in the head this plane is definitely a showpiece but better yet is a working knife as are all the Tora blades great job guysGary Zenchyshyn (3 Mar 2019, 17:42)
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