WW2 Officers 4-10th GR (Batch 31 ETS Jan/Feb 23)

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WW2 Officers 4-10th GR (Batch 31 ETS Jan/Feb 23)

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Open31Jan-Feb 2023


Tora's WW2 Officers 4/10th Gurkhas kukri is based on an Officers kukri made around the Darjeeling area which was favoured by 10th GR Officers in WW2. It is an excellent jungle kukri and it is unusually utilitarian for an Officers kukri of that period as they had orderly's to make camp for them or in the jungle, bashas.
The Kukri has a 35cm long hollow forged/ground blade with a belly depth of 5.5cm and a rough weight guideline of approx 480-550 grams. The handle is wooden with a stick tang and a classic sunburst Darjeeling keeper. It comes housed in a military scabbard with military frogs and includes Tinder Pouch (tinder pouch insert no longer included) and 8.5cm Chakmak and Karda military-style utility knives.

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Tora kukri are traditional handmade kukri, made in Nepal, and not the usual export and tourist kukri found on many other websites. Tora strives to make kukri to the traditional specifications as per the original models.

For an easy way to sharpen your kukri please watch this video.

We strongly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate oil and wood treatment prior to use.

Please note that because all of our kukri are hand-made, variances in size, weight, wood colour, chakmak & karda style etc may well occur. You must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword.

Please note that the kukri are now sent directly from Nepal.

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4/10th GR WW2; from the 10th GR website

The 4th Battalion was raised at Abbottabad on 15th March 1941. From January until May 1942 the Battalion was stationed in the Andaman Islands for garrison and defence duties and then moved to Ceylon for jungle training until July 1943 when it returned to India. From November 1943 to August 1945 the Battalion distinguished itself in the fighting in Burma under 20th Indian Division (Battle Honour `Burma 1942-45', also earned by 1st and 3rd Battalions). It took part in the battles around Imphal in March to June 1944, particularly at Witok in March (Battle Honours `IMPHAL', also earned by 1st and 3rd Battalions, `Tamu Road', 12th March to 4th April 1944, and `Shenam Pass', 1st April to 22nd June 1944, the latter also earned by 3rd Battalion). In the subsequent advance south the Battalion fought at Pyingaing or `Pink Gin' (December 1944), the Wainggyo Gorge (26th-29th December 1944), the advance on Myinmu (19th-23rd January 1945), and the Crossing of the Irrawaddy (13th-14th February 1945). Its greatest battle was at Talingon in the bridgehead beyond the Irrawaddy during the advance on Mandalay. Here the Battalion suffered 50 killed and 127 wounded in a prolonged battle (16th-26th February 1945) but virtually wiped out the counter-attacking Japanese 16th Regiment, inflicting 953 casualties on it, including at least 504 killed (Battle Honours `MANDALAY', 12th February to 21st March 1945, and `MYINMU BRIDGEHEAD', 12th February to 7th March). In the final drive south the Battalion fought numerous actions, particularly in the advance down the Irrawaddy valley (Battle Honours `Kyaukse 1945', 8th-21st March, and `Irrawaddy', 29th March to 30th May 1945) and in the large-scale actions at Allanmyo (28th April 1945) and near Prome. Lastly it took part in the final destruction of the Japanese forces in Burma near the Sittang River (Battle Honour `Sittang 1945', 10th May to 15th August, also earned by 1st Battalion).

In addition to being awarded 20th Indian Division's Dagger Banner (depicting a hand grasping a dagger) as the best battalion in that formation, 4th Battalion was referred to by The Times newspaper as `the non-stop Gurkhas'.

Product CodeKTM-WW2-4-10
ManufacturerTora Blades

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.7

Lightweight WW2 Officers 4/10 GR

What an Awesome Kukri, very light compared to my new Mk2 with a beautiful hollow forged bade. I love this kukri it so light and fast in hand. Thanks Simon you and the Kami did an amazing job on this beauty. I can't wait for my next Tora to arrive they are so sweet and well made.Douglas Reed (Aug 11 2022, 22:27 PM)

Aesthetic and Performance

This is a superb Kukri made of historical period with high aesthetic recurve blade proportion. It thoroughly survived in both wet and dry subtropical woods with me in intense training camp for a month. Well balanced and a quick kukri it is. Highly recommended and appreciated to Tora Blades for replicating this bits of functional history and beauty. KEGC from TaiwanK. Eleazar-Godfrey C. (Jun 11 2021, 14:30 PM)

Very impressed

Well made blade took it out off trail camping multiple times and it has retain it's edge. A must take item every time I go any where into the woods. One tiny complaint was that the Karda was a bit dull but nothing I could not fix ~ Joshua from Canada,QuèbecAnonymous (Jul 06 2019, 05:27 AM)
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