Tora KTM WW1 Battalion 1/6 Kukri (Pre-order - estimated to complete Nov 2019)

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Tora KTM WW1 Battalion 1/6 Kukri (Pre-order - estimated to complete Nov 2019)

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4.6 average, based on 5 reviews


Product Information

Please note - you are placing a pre-order for this kukri.

Tora's WW Battalion Issue kukri is a replica of a WW1 1/6th Gurkha Battalion issued kukri which was probably picked up by a British Soldier in the Gallipoli campaign in WW1. The kukri it is based on belonged to Gurkha 843 Gurung of B Company. This style of kukri was used in both World Wars and the kukri we have based the Tora model on may well have been present at the famour battle of Sari Bair in 1915.

The Tora WW1 1/6 Battalion kukri generally has a 33cm long blade with a belly of approx 6cm and weight range of approximately 540 - 615 grams. It has a stick tang wooden handle and comes with a military scabbard and frogs and Chakmak & Karda utility knives.

Please note that the tinder pouch no longer comes with the insert.

Tora kukri are traditional handmade kukri, made in Nepal, and not the usual export and tourist kukri found on many other websites. Tora strives to make kukri to the traditional specifications as per the original models.

For an easy way to sharpen your kukri please use this link.

We strongly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate oil and wood treatment prior to use.

Please note that because all of our kukri are hand-made, variances in size, weight, wood colour, chakmak & karda style etc may well occur. You must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword.

Please note that the kukri are now sent directly from Nepal.

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Product CodeTBK06
ManufacturerTora Blades
Stock Level3

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.6

Could have been 5 stars

The knife itself ... is almost perfect. Oh, they missed sharpening the inner curve a bit, but overall, this knife is the most evenly forged and crafted, well-balanced kukri I have handled. The karda ... before this, I never saw a sharp karda when purchasing from other manufacturers. This one was razor sharp! The sheath looked nice, but didn't really fit. The blade will insert only so far, then takes great effort to withdraw. Doesn't help that the blade hugs one side of the scabbard and rubs up against the karda (which will cause wear over time). And the mouth of the scabbard is wide open, so putting wedges in there isn't going to impact much--I think the tightness and warping are deeper down in the scabbard. I may have to glue some wooden paint mixer sticks together and try to drive those down into there, they might reach. Will try to figure out something. I have work to do, to make this work. So, overall, great knife, but sheath = fail. Kind of at a loss for what to do. Normally, I'd sell this, but the knife is so nice. And I don't have the craftsmanship skills to make a new scabbard on my own. Just a shame, a knife of this quality deserved a nice functional scabbard. (Sep 06 2018, 03:58 AM)

Gorgeous, balanced, outstanding.

When I first received this kukri it just took my breath away. The craftsmanship is incredible. The balance was what made it so amazing. To say it's an extension of your arm is an understatement. It's perfect. Then I used it. I've tested it over the past 1-2 months and I just can't believe how well it works. It's so incredible comfortable. It chops like a beast. It's very strong, and it bites into hardwood very well. It also can split wood like a hatchet, just a flick of the wrist and you have your kindling. One of the best things about it is the steel. I wasnt expecting anything special, but I am thoroughly impressed. Not only is it incredibly tough, it holds its edge for an impressive amount of time. It can even carve well. I've only had to touch it up a few times and it's still shaving-sharp. Great tool for Bushcraft, camping, and garden work. (Feb 24 2018, 13:56 PM)

Excellent kukri, top workmanship

My first purchase from Tora. I am truly impressed by the workmanship. The kukri itself is simply perfect - excellent balance, just the right weight, true in all respects to early 20th c. originals save for the slightly larger grip to accomodate our Western hands. High quality and attention to detail evident throughout, including the sheath, karda and chakmak. Possibly the best modern kukri on the market these days. Certainly head and shoulders above any other model that I have ever owned or handled. Well worth the price and wait - about 7 months in my case. Greetings to the kind folks at Tora and particularly the kami keeping their tradition alive. (Jan 26 2018, 20:05 PM)


The WW Battalion is an impressive piece of craftsmanship, and a solid chopper. The scabbard is fantastic, as well. (Apr 30 2015, 17:32 PM)

The Battalion and Regimental Issue kukri

I have owned several Tora Battalion/Regimental Issue kukri and when I have used them I have been pleasantly surprised at the forward balance and their chopping abilities. Mine have been about 630 grams (22 oz) in weight. This blade is great for serious woodwork at camp or an all round chopper. (Sep 05 2013, 17:13 PM)
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