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Tora Goorkha Army Kukri (Pre-Order - Etc Aug/Sept 2017)


4.8 average, based on 4 reviews

Manufacturer: Tora Blades

This product is currently out of stock

Product Information

Please note - you are placing a pre-order for this kukri.  Estimated completion time is August/September 2017, but this is subject to change.

Tora's Goorkha Army kukri is based on the classic broad shaped kukri used by both the Nepalese Army and the British Goorkhas from the 1830's right through to the early 1900's. 

The Tora Goorkha Army Kukri (GAK) generally has a 37cm long blade with a belly of 7.5cm and it has a rough weight guideline of  600-675 grams. It has a stick tang horn handle and comes with a military scabbard and frogs and Chakmak & Karda utility knives.  Tora kukri are traditional handmade kukri, made in Nepal, and not the usual export and tourist kukri found on many other websites. Tora strives to make kukri to the traditional specification as per the original models. 

For an easy way to sharpen your kukri please use this link

We strongly recommend that the wooden parts on all kukri are treated with the appropriate oil and wood treatment prior to use.

Please note that because all of our kukri are hand-made, variances in size, weight, wood colour etc may well occur. You must be 18 yrs and over to purchase any knife or sword.

Please note that the kukri are now sent directly from Nepal.

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Product Code: TBK10

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4.8

Beautifull light kukri!

you wouldn't know it by looking at it, but when u pick it up in your hands, its surprisingly lighter than u expect! the profile is just absolutely gorgeous, nice sharp and deadly point on the blade. wonderful large fullers on each side of the blade, the handle is nice and long, roughly 6 and half inches, and curves or bends nicely downward in your hand and just gives the knife a wonderful feel like it wants to chop something automatically! only trouble i have had with it is that it wont fit all the way into the sheath again, gonna have to figure that out, there are some parts of the leather frog that are very dry, need to find a proper way to treat it to preserve it from cracking and splitting but over not much to worry about. Now the kuk in the photo here has a black horn handle and steal fittings, mine came with a light grainy gray horn handle with streak of black on the inside of the handle, and brass fittings. still love it! i recommend this kukri to anyone who is collecting Tora blades kuks and to anyone who just wants a giant real kukri to display! (she is very large!)

Jeven Moore :: Sep 16 2015, 05:53 AM

Awesome kukri

Got this kukri today and i have to say i am very pleased!. I didn’t know a kukri of this size could feel this light and ergonomic in the hand before i got his from tora blades. The blade is excellently hollowed forged with nice acute convex edge and got a beautiful mirror finish. The curved handle allows for surprising ergonomics and it doesn’t penetrate the wrist when you swing it around. The kukri is fast in the hand and the curvature of the handle allows for a secure grip. I have not measured the weight but it feels on par with my cold steel gurkah kukri and the GAK has even a longer and wider belly wich i really like. This is my favorite kukri so far. Highly recommended kukri!

Thomas :: Apr 17 2015, 19:56 PM

good kukri but has issues

plus points of this kukri: VERY good heat treatment on the steel, overall very good design, high quality sheath, nice hollowed out blade and convex edge. bad points: came VERY dull, and the handle is too small im 189 cm/6'3 ish and my hand just fits on the handle my finger is just touching the steel bolster and its way too thin, i had to wrap it in grip tape to 'fill it out a bit' these are easy fix issues, im just saying if you intend to use this kukri for work there may be some work done before it ready for use.

Nick Slater :: Jun 29 2014, 16:21 PM


It is THE BATTLE KUKRI. 80% fighting and 20% utility. Haven't seen anything like it amongst other kukri makers around. This historic piece is worth every penny you invest in it. I'm just glad to own one. Thanks Tora!

Laszlo Mayer :: Aug 20 2013, 09:23 AM

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