Welcome to ToraBlades.com where you can learn about, talk about and even purchase Tora Kukri. This website has been a long time coming and we do appreciate all the support and patience our customers have given us.

We pride ourselves in being the World's finest supplier of traditionally made Nepalese Kukri.

All of our blades are hand-made, from the very best materials and originate from the very finest sources.  Tora Blades are designed to be used, they are not just shiny display pieces. We have also tried to share with you the history of the blades we supply and we hope that you find these pages interesting.

If you are new here, we hope that you enjoy our website, and if you are already a customer - welcome back!
Tora Kukri Tora Bushcraft Kukri
Tora Black Belt Academy Click Here To Visit The Tora Black Belt Academy
The Gurkha Welfare Trust The Gurkha Welfare Trust
The Brigade Of Gurkhas The Brigade Of Gurkhas
The Gurka Museum The Gurkha Museum
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